Member Resources

Responsibilities and Guidelines

Members are asked to keep a number of key norms in mind when participating in a Forum. These include: active participation; being mindful of the confidentiality expectation; and adhering to the attendance guidelines.

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Guide to Presenting and Leading Discussions at Meetings

The open exchange of information and experience between members is the hallmark of the National Forums program. The success of each meeting is dependent on members actively participating in the program and in group discussions. This guide provides recommendations as to how to structure presentations and member led discussions.

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Future Meeting Schedule

View a listing of upcoming National Forums meetings, important due dates for Forum leadership and the schedule for the upcoming meeting.

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Listserv Instructions

NAIOP has a communication tool for you to network and confidentially share ideas with your colleagues on your specific Forum. All members who have an e-mail address are subscribed to this communication tool.

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New Forum Members

View a PowerPoint presentation used at new Forum Member orientations that provides insight into what makes for a successful Forum experience, member roles and responsibilities and program policies.

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