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Advantage Series: CRE Response to COVID-19

Preparing for Autonomous Vehicles: A Survey of Local Governments

Tuesday, May 19 | 2-2:45 p.m.

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COVID-19 has had a major impact on taxi and ride-sharing businesses and other forms of transit as social distancing has become the norm. Moving forward, autonomous vehicles (AVs) could see increasing demand as people are less inclined to share small spaces. If AVs are widely adopted, municipal governments, through their abilities to set and enforce regulations, will play an important role in determining how transportation and land use evolves in response to AV adoption.

During this webinar, David Dale-Johnson, Ph.D., Stan Melton Executive Professor in Real Estate at the Alberta School of Business Real Estate Program, will discuss the findings of his report, “Preparing for Autonomous Vehicles: A Survey of Local Governments,” and identify several key takeaways that are of interest to developers, landowners and the broader commercial real estate community, including implications for AV adoption in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

David Dale-Johnson, Ph.D., Stan Melton Executive Professor in Real Estate, Alberta School of Business Real Estate Program

Repurposing Retail Centers: Profiles in Adaptation, Repositioning and Redevelopment

Thursday, May 21 | 2-2:45 p.m.

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The declining prospects of North America’s shopping malls have been the subject of significant media attention, industry concern and public interest, and the current pandemic is contributing to the downsizing and bankruptcy of several large retailers and will likely hasten the closure of many traditional malls. However, while many of these properties may no longer support a traditional mall, they are often strong candidates for redevelopment.

Based on the findings in “Repurposing Retail Centers” – a recent research report commissioned by the NAIOP Research Foundation – this webinar will examine how developers have revitalized properties by adding new uses, amenities and services, transforming struggling or closed malls into properties that serve the needs of their surrounding communities.

Jason Beske, AICP, Adjunct Professor at Virginia Tech’s National Capital Campus and Senior Urban Designer for Stantec’s Urban Places
Matt Whelan, Principal, RedLeaf Properties LLC

Registration will close at 1:30 p.m. ET the day of the webinar. Registrants will receive an email from NAIOP Learn with a login link to the Webinar. A reminder will also be going out 1 hour before the Webinar starts with the same information. Please check spam/junk folders if you do not receive it.  Webinars are best viewed in Chrome or Firefox.

You can also access login details at https://learn.naiop.org/ by signing in with your NAIOP Corporate login. On the left navigation, click on “Dashboard" and you will see the Webinar registration. Click on "Live Component" to access the Webinar.

Over the next few weeks, NAIOP will present a webinar series of critical dialogues around the topics on everyone’s mind related to the COVID-19 public health crisis and our industry. Led by industry experts, topics will include construction, building operations, legal/insurance, the impact on various property types and more. If you are an expert in the field and interested in speaking, volunteer to present.

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