NAIOP Chapters

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Along with their national membership, NAIOP members simultaneously belong to one of our chapters located throughout North America. Within each chapter, members have increased opportunity to attend educational programs, network with fellow members and participate in legislative affairs efforts. Chapters have local leadership and committees that organize events and spearhead local legislative actions, including state capital visits and community involvement. Other events typically include property tours, monthly chapter meetings and golf tournaments. In addition, to maintain ties with the NAIOP leadership, each chapter nominates one representative to serve on the board of directors.

NAIOP Corporate + Chapters: Together, We Shape the Association.

Find A Local NAIOP Chapter

Discover the North American NAIOP chapter network.

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Chapter Events

Find Chapter Events in your area.

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Chapter Resources

Chapter Resources is a reference area provided for NAIOP chapter leaders to assist them during their leadership term. It contains helpful articles covering a wide area of information for successfully leading the chapter.

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